The RENAISSANCE of the Autovilla

In fact as you will read on… when I finished editing and polishing this story, this morning… it occurred to me that the title of this page should be…

The RENAISSANCE and the NAISSANCE of my Autovilla…

July 17, 2019, I got up in the morning and have decided, this is it…enough is enough…I have to start doing baby steps…and bring the Autovilla BACK TO LIFE.

So that is the MISSION, and one of the reason WHY this blog was born, not the ONLY reason.

ONE other reason is, that I always wanted, one day, to “celebrate” the many amazing and wonderful people, I had the privilege to meet, during my 16 years in South-Africa. This blog is for all of you too. I will also name, blame and shame, one or two “baddies”…but that is only, one or two, of many wonderful stories.

Years ago, I thought about writing a book…and made a few attempts, I have a whole library of books on “how to write…your life stories….” result…a mountain, toooo high, for me to climb.

As is often in life…it is all about MONEY.

At the moment, while I am writing these words, I have NO CLUE what the BIG NUMBER for bringing the Autovilla back to life will be, and where the money will come from.

But as the saying goes… Rome was not built in a day.

So under this Headline “The RENAISSANCE of the Autovilla”, I will be posting stories and numbers, about the journey of the “rebirth” of the Autovilla. As they happen, and as I go along.

These will be the stories, following the journey of the Autovilla



WHEN this day will come…


I have waited for 17 years…

I can wait for another 17 weeks, 17 months, or anything in between.

I am planning on travelling, in the Autovilla, well into my eighties, so that is another 17 years from now….

Like my friend Barbara Tyrell. She was in her early eighties when I met her, introduced to me by a friend, and she had the exact same Autovilla like mine, just not automatic, like mine, in her driveway, in her little house, where she was living at the time…in Muizenberg.

And she often came to visit me, driving along Champan’s Peak Drive, to my HOME at that time, at No1. Military Road, in Hout-Bay.

A little old lady, driving her Autovilla…and loving it…with a third gear that always got stuck. OMG did I worry about her driving along Chapman’s Peak drive… I often said to her, if there was a dinner with guests at my house… Me or one of my friends will come and get you and will bring you back home.

No “cell” phone on her…OMG did I worry about her…ALL GOOD…nothing ever happened to her.

Talk to the Wall…you would get the same response as I got from Barbara.

She was a very poor woman financially at that time…as is often the case with true artists…and could barely maintain the Autovilla, never mind repairs. I helped her where I could, and also bought a few of her paintings…always giving her at least 30%-50% more than this humble woman asked for. I flew to London, for her, to speak to a publisher, in order to try and get her an advance on the new book she was busy writing at the time., and I was privileged, to be one of her first readers. Off course, all her writing, handwritten. A special loving relationship we had.

Not only did I fall in love with Barbara, but also with her Autovilla.


BUT…Barbara WAS FIRST !!!

A truly inspiring woman. I always felt and still feel, that I have been privileged to have met her, and am grateful for our sessions, were we shared stories, for a little while, in our lives. I was infatuated with her infectious laughter too. Especially making fun of herself, and her life…turning tragic and dramatic events into hilarious stories…all with the hindsight of a wise 80 year old woman, but with the spirit of an eternal CHILD…

It was a sad time in our both lives, and for different reason…we mothered each other…cried on each other shoulder, and we laughed a lot too. She was a “funny” little old lady…but what a “gifted” woman she was… OH WOW.

Just google her name

This one is for you my dear friend Barbara… I know you are watching the Autovilla and me…

We talked about life, and what next, many times…

I hope you like my stories…

A TRULY INSPIRING WOMAN…you still are in my life…and in many ways a “role model” too…still TODAY…Thank you Barbara…


And one memory and thought I had this morning, regarding Barbara, not many may be AWARE that her full name is Barbara Jurgens Tyrell.


Of course I asked her if there is a connection to the Camper Van manufacturere JURGENS…she gave avoiding answer, once or twice…more than twice, I never asked her the same question…

Most “old people”, like me now, and Barbara…and…and …we keep repeating the same stories over and over again… and sometime to the same people…but…… we are “impatient” if those same people don’t get THAT we mean WHAT we say FIRST TIME…second time…ok too…but just…

I never found out about a connection between Barabara and the Jurgens Campervan… so this morning I asked a friend to see…if he can FIND OUT… just out of curiosity…Let’s see what can be dug up…stay tuned…