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Welcome to my 1973 Jurgens Autovilla Travel Blog, and thank you for visiting.
2002 – Last photo of my beloved Autovilla before driving it underground.

This classic beauty is mine since 1993.

That I have quite a few stories to tell, goes without saying.

So here, my reader, I will be sharing with you, some interesting, sometimes amazing, sometime hilarious, some sad, and one or two really scary stories from the past, the present, and whatever stories I will be collecting in the future.

I will also be telling stories of life in South Africa, before the Autovilla.

I arrived in South Africa in 1986 and left after 16 years in 2002.

The story of HOW I landed in South Africa…will be told too.

During my 16 years in South Africa, I had the privilege and the “good fortune” to meet some AMAZING and INTERESTING PEOPLE, and have collected some AMAZING LIFE STORIES stories. Their stories and my own.

FOR SURE – the HIGHS of MY LIFE in South Africa were very HIGH – and the LOWS very LOW too.

I arrived in South Africa in 1986, during one of the worst periods in apartheid history of violence, and left in 2002 – 12 years after Mandela walked out of Prison..and the new South Africa was well on its way.

At the same time that Mandela walked out of prison…I was HIT by an unimaginable DOUBLE TRAGEDY… that story I will TELL too.

So stay tuned ……

Today is Friday 19.7.2019 and I am just getting started.

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