19.07.2019 WHERE is the Autovilla NOW and WHERE is Olivella NOW

Blogging Olivella is in Glasgow, Scotland NOW.

Her home since 2004.

Blogging Olivella is typing away from her home office, which is in fact the enclosed Veranda of her 18th floor flat. With Floor to Ceiling windows.

The Autovilla is HERE

The Autovilla is parked in the Milpark Building in Milnerton, South Africa, just 15 minutes drive from Cape Town city centre.

The Autovilla always had a home in the underground garage at the Milpark Building in Milnerton…almost from day one when I bought her, in 1993.

I would take the Villa out travelling, short and long journeys, and will return her to Milpark.

So…. I have been paying parking/storage rent, for more than 25 years…at an average of 400 ZAR (+-30 $) per month. That figure came from Ursulla. I will introduce Ursulla later.

WHY I am mentioning the RENT…….BECAUSE … it will feature in one of my upcoming stories.

Ursulla and me, were giggling and laughing soooo much, when I told her that story recently, during a phone conversation, we could hardly speak.

So….in 2002, before I left Cape Town for the last time, and after living 16 years in South Africa, I drove the Autovilla to its parking spot in the underground basement parking area under the Milpark building.

And that is where the Autovilla has been dying slowly…. and since 2002.

The Autovilla has not moved since 2002.

The pictures below say it ALL.

I have visited Cape Town and the Autovilla once, since I left South Africa in 2002.

In 2014, 12 years after I left South Africa for good, I visited Cape Town and organized the shipping of my personal belongings to Glasgow, and which were stored in a store room in the Milpark building too.

My personal belongings were stored in Milpark more than a year before I left South Africa in 2002.

During my last year in South Africa, my Autovilla was my home. I was travelling in South Africa, for one year, just me and my beloved Chihuahua by the name of Cappuccino, also him being my early warning system and sometime blood drawing body guard….and a Taurus 38 special (legal and licensed). The story HOW I got the GUN, will be told later too.

AND as you can imagine…I will share a GUN story or two…too.

Since 2004, Glasgow in Bonnie Scotland, has been my home, and I am here to stay….


MILPARK building in Milnerton, near Cape Town


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