2017 – Car SOS

2017, 2 years ago, my dear friend Vera, tried to get Car SOS, which also airs on National Geographic, interested in my 1973 Jurgens Autovilla.

Much later, Vera told me about it…when she received NO FEEDBACK from Car SOS.

So I asked Vera, to forward the email, which she sent to Car SOS, to me…out of curiosity…

So here it is:

Thank you Vera…and not just for the CAR SOS…

Thank you Vera…for being a sister most times…and mothering me sometimes too…you are one of the lionesses…10 years, or more, younger than me, but what a wise sister…I have certainly, learned a lesson or two, from you too.

Still listening…still learning…

You and Gerry, you will for sure, get a free ride in the Autovilla…

ONE DAY… like you and Gerry, gave me a “ride”, in your Villa...

You and me, we will open the bottles of Vino…and Gerry will cook for us….like he always did, and is still doing…never mind which Villa... we will do the washing up.

Love you both


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