WHO is Olivella Mariposa

Me, the Blogging Olivella, is also known to her friends as Rebecca B and/or Emma B.

In fact my name in my German passport is:

Rebecca Emma Olivella B.

For most of my life, I was known as Rebecca B.

For some years I used my middle name Emma B.

And for this Blog and the new chapter in my life…I have chosen to go with my favorite name Olivella.

There is a story in my life related to Olivella, set at Hotel Olivella au Lac, in Morcote, Switzerland…and where I have learned for the first time to say “NO “. This hilarious Story may be told later too. Just for the fun of it…as it is not really related to my Autovilla stories which began in South Africa.

Mariposa – well that is the nickname that Dani gave me, and which I liked a lot ever-since.

About Dani, I will tell you later too.